About Us

3 Step Deal-Breakers Worksheet

We believe that finding, attracting, & keeping your King or Queen does NOT have to be frustrating

If you are looking for a high-quality partner, we’re here to offer you tools & strategies because…

We believe you can find, attract, & keep your perfect match…without lowering your standards or struggling for years like we did

We Believe:

  • Dating frustration comes from misunderstanding the opposite sex
  • Men and women have unique perspectives, yet predictable behaviors that once understood, make dating and relationships fun & fulfilling
  • You can be magnetically & naturally attractive (even after you get into a relationship—so you can keep the romance alive)

Our Vision:

We are collectively “raising the bar” to help singles with high standards find, attract, & keep a high-quality partner to share a happy, fulfilling, long-term relationship.

Our goal is to help you avoid heartache and find love that lasts.

There’s never been a “happily ever after”, when someone lowers their standards & settles for the short-term satisfaction of just “being in a relationship”.  While it is nice to have someone to call “my boyfriend” or “my girlfriend”, this satisfaction quickly wears off. (Think of someone you know who has been in this situation.)

Unfortunately, they soon suffer the consequences such as arguments, nagging, relationship envy, boredom, resentment, or just that feeling of missing out on love “Why can’t I have that?”

And some people suffer worse—divorce, financial stress, debt, alimony, etc.

We’ve all made dating mistakes…the key is learning from them.

We believe it’s important to intentionally select and evaluate who you choose to date so that you can feel confident when entering into a long-term relationship.

We will help you save time & potential heartache by:

  • Learning from your past mistakes
  • Identifying & Prioritizing what you appreciate most in a partner
  • Knowing how to quickly & confidently qualify potential partners based on your Must-Haves and Deal-Breakers

Once you have this clarity, you can avoid dating the wrong people because you’ll know exactly what to look for & how to effectively communicate who you are.

Download your FREE 3 Step Deal-Breakers Worksheet ($99 Value) so that you can stop wasting your time with the wrong people & start finding, attracting, & dating your King or Queen.

3 Step Deal-Breakers Worksheet